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Cannabis Smoking and the Lung

Cannabis is extraordinarily popular amongst Canadians. Over 5 million Canadians use cannabis and soon there will be more cannabis users than cigarette smokers in our country. What we don't know is what the long-term effects of cannabis smoking on the lung are, if there are any.

  • Does cannabis injure the lung?

  • Are cannabis smokers more likely to be short of breath or cough?

  • Over time, are they more likely to require a doctor for lung problems?

Our study will follow cannabis smokers for 3 years, looking at their lung symptoms, breathing tests, images, and lung cells. We will compare these results to people who smoke cigarettes and people who do not smoke at all.

Our goal is to answer for the many Canadians who smoke cannabis what to expect over time when it comes to their lung health. 

Image by Elsa Olofsson
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